Disclosure Hotline

Disclosure of improper conduct, poor practices or dangers to health and safety (wrongdoing)

SeaRoad encourages you to report any matters that may adversely affect the SeaRoad Group, its employees or other persons. In particular, by reporting any wrongdoing, you can help us to ensure that SeaRoad's operations are conducted safely, fairly and openly.

SeaRoad has appointed Linchpin Legal Management as the independent alert service (Disclosure Hotline) to receive allegations of wrongdoing. The identity of a person making a disclosure will be kept confidential, unless that person consents to their name being disclosed or Disclosure Hotline is required by law to disclose it.

Disclosure Hotline can be contacted on 1300 668 759 as well as by email at alert@llm.net.au.

PDF - Improper Conduct Disclosure Policy


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